Information about the Tesla conflict


The Swedish Transport Workers' Union have imposed a blockade against the unloading and loading of Tesla cars in all Swedish ports. This is a sympathy action to support IF Metall in the fight to sign a collective bargaining agreement with Tesla in Sweden. The Tesla conflict is also about defending the swedish labor market model.

Our actions is not a strike. The Swedish Transport Workers' Union have imposed a blockade. This means that everything else in the ports are running business as usual, except handling Tesla cars.


From when?

Transport started to imposed a blockade in four Swedish ports against the handling of Tesla cars in operation November 7 at 12.00 pm. Now the conflict against Tesla is expanded, and the blockade is extended to all Swedish ports. The blockade in all ports started on Friday, November 17 at 12.00 pm.

"We do this to support IF Metal and to stand up for the Swedish labor market model. In Sweden companies sign collective agreements. 90 percent of the work force in Sweden is covered by a collective agreement. This is how it works in Sweden", says Tommy Wreeth, Transport's union chairman.

How and how long?

The sympathy measure means that unloading and loading of Tesla cars is blockaded, other work in the ports is going on business as usual. The sympathy measures apply until otherwise announced or until a collective bargaining agreement is signed between IF Metall and TM Sweden AB, Tesla.

More information can be found on IF Metall's web.

Thanks for international support

The European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) supports IF Metall in the Tesla conflict (30 november 2023)

The Nordic Transport Workers' Federation stand by the Swedish IF Metall in their fight for a collective agreement with Tesla, (15 november 2023)



Info in media

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